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Conjured Image

This is a mini documentary that’s about the time I spent at an artist residency, working on a project called Conjured Image. While at the month-long-residency, I chose to develop my abstract painting style inspired by Rorschach tests. What I enjoy most about these paintings is that like cloud watching, people always see different images within them. Exploring people's different perspectives through their interpretation of abstract art, was the core objective of this project. This was executed by simply having conversations with studio visitors, some of which can be seen in the film above.

To view the paintings made during the residency, click

Thank you to the many people who made this project possible, first and foremost, the founders of the Residency at 821, Emily and Adam McDaniel. Many thanks to Lisa Rapaport, Jeff, Alex and Hannah Beacham, Cesar Carmona, Marybeth Schwallie and Ron, Laura, Brian and Raymond Pottorff, Margaret and Carl Jackson, Joel Hartmans, Seth, Cecilia, Tina, Clouds, Leah, the mysterious and recurring plant salesman, and the visitors whose names I did not catch. 



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