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Acrylic, Oil, Aerosal and Bone Fragments on Canvas


36  x 48 x 1.5


This work captures the temperamental feelings of painting. The figure on the right represents the experience of the masterful, the individual who feels completely immersed in and empowered by their act of creation. The figure on the left symbolizes uncertainty, or the more common experience of stepping back from the artwork and being unsure about its execution or relevance. The toad is a common motif in my work that functions as an emblem of change. In this piece, it symbolizes the psychological transition between both figures. The title of the artwork comes from an adjective that was used to describe Michelangelo, a person who was described as extremely manic and hence both, bizarre and fantastic.

Bizzaro E Fantastico

  • Original artworks can be returned for a full refund for up to 30 days after the date of delivery.  Eligible reasons for returning original artwork include the product having arrived either damaged, or appearing significantly different than what was advertised on (

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