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Acrylic on Canvas


24 x 36 x .75


Prints of "Mutual Instinct" are available for purchase in the merchandise section. 


While usually alternating between painting in either surrealist or abstract expressionist styles, the painting Mutual Instinct came out of a desire to merge genres and generate the satisfaction from figurative and abstract painting simultaneously. This piece depicts a shaman and accompanying Hyena that have freshly emerged into an ethereal world. The characters in the painting may have as many questions about the new world as the viewer. 


The shaman wearing socks, makes it clear they were unprepared for planetary relocation. The viewer may wonder, where did these characters come from and on what plane does a hyena not threaten but accompany a human. Do the magenta marks originate from the figures' world, or does the new plane simply coalesce around them. The duo’s confusion may seem extreme, but perhaps relatable in that at times, our place seems as uncertain as the swirling ground they stand on.

Mutual Instinct

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