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Acrylic and Pen on Arches Paper

21 x 30


In the aftermath of a good friend passing away at the untimely age of 25, I began rendering figures in varying stages of decomposition.  We take it for granted that people leave this earth when they're well aged, but death's timing can be upredictable. While making this illustration, I wanted to visualize what it would be like if we could truly see how close people are to the end. The figures in various states of intactness, show that everybody is accelerating at a different speed towards  death.  The circular composition and intricate pen marks surrounding the figures, represent the shared experience of mortality and our return to a simpler state of matter. 

Return to Sender

  • Original artworks can be returned for a full refund for up to 30 days after the date of delivery.  Eligible reasons for returning original artwork include the product having arrived either damaged, or appearing significantly different than what was advertised on (

    For full return policy information, follow the link in the footer of this page or in the checkout section. 

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