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Acrylic On Canvas


48 x 60


*Ships in a tube 


This is a recent work created during a month long residency at The Residency at 821 in Asheville, NC. Well working there, I worked on a project and exhibit called Conjured Image


The process of creating this painting was very meditative. There was a soothing repetition in lightly dragging brushes to create looping swirls of color that would stack layer by layer. I see this work as a cosmic female entity that is finding calm in a centered core despite surrounding waves of maddening chaos. The title describes a sensitive part of the body changing and becoming characterized through a painful process, but enduring nonetheless.

I didn't intend on this entity even having a gender and wanted only to personify the abstract form with a human element. I do think the resilient feeling in this painting is a universally human necessity. But with the way the eye is rendered, it's interpreted as female by myself and the people who saw it at the show. An older woman said, "This is what a woman's brain is like". I asked her what she meant and she said a woman is attacked on all sides every moment and has to find and hold on to one peaceful inner place to persevere.

Tattooed Stomach

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